Terms & Conditions


Dan’s Coach Travel provide a quotation and it is valid for 28 days. Please note if you do not book within 28 days Dan’s Coach Travel reserve the right to re-do your quotation at their discretion.


There are several methods of paying. They are as follows:
  • You can ring up 07885 661112 and reserve your seat, then send DCT a cheque (payable to Dan’s Coach Travel) or cash. Please include a stamped envelope with return address for your ticket to be sent back.
  • You can pay via BACS transfer. The details can be obtained via our contact details and you will be given a reference code. This will require additional fee to post your ticket to you.
  • If you become a regular traveller you can pay for your first trip by the sources above. When you come on that trip and have booked another trip with us you can pay for your next trip then, then continue like that. So essentially you are paying for one in advance. To minimise delays please have the exact money when paying on the day in an envelope stating your name and the trip the money is for.
  • We will require payment 2 weeks prior to the excursion date. If no payment has been made we reserve the right to reallocate your seat and your space will no longer be valid.
  • On receiving payment, you will be issued with a loyalty scheme ticket. These tickets are listed below.
  • When booking your trip please state your name(s), a contact number, email address and where you would like to board the coach. Please note, by providing your email address you will be added to our emailing list for future trip information. You can unsubscribe from this anytime.
  • If you cancel within less than 2 weeks of the excursion date there will be no refund. Over 2 weeks’ notice we will offer a refund or move the value of ticket onto another trip at their discretion. Excluding entry fee’s or food costs that are paid for in advance off the trip.
  • We reserve the right to cancel an excursion if it doesn’t reach satisfactory numbers. If this is the case, we will notify you within 2 weeks before the excursion date and will issue a refund or transfer the money onto another trip. If due to measures out of our control, a trip has to be cancelled on the day i.e. weather, we will you call you as soon as possible and refund the COACH FARE but cannot refund admissions if any become invalid.
  • Failure to pay with 21 days DCT reserve the right to charge interest every day over due.
  • Passengers are to behave in an orderly manner. Anyone being disruptive will be asked to remove themselves from the coach. Drivers are in their workplace and are not to be spoken to in an abusive manner.
  • Please leave the coach as clean as you would like to find it. Alcohol and smoking are not permitted on the coach. If anyone is sick on DCT property we reserve the right to charge £100 clean up fee. Rubbish bags provided.
  • Currently DCT do not have vehicles with toilets on, but will offer passengers comfort stops on any longer journeys.
  • Post excursion, any lost property found it will be handed into the office. Perishables will be disposed of, after 24 hours and any other lost property will be disposed after 1 month.
  • No animals allowed on the coach other than guide dogs. If you wish to bring a guide dog please alert us when booking.
  • If you wish to bring a walking frame, shopping cart, pram or SMALL mobility scooter please notify us when booking the trip. To minimise delay please can you have these items folded ready to go in the undercarriage lockers. Please board coach quickly to minimise delay on the pick-up route.
  • Seatbelts are provided on all our vehicles for passengers and it is the law to wear them. Should a passenger be injured through not wearing a seatbelt or not being seated we cannot be held liable or accepted liability for any injury. This is the responsibility of the individual.
  • Please make yourself aware of the exits once you have boarded the coach. Aircon and heating are provided on our coaches. Please alert the driver if either of these are required.
  • Pickup route times are a guide and can be subject to change due to road conditions, etc.
  • Please arrive in good time for your pick up. If you have to cancel on the day please notify us as soon as possible by using the contact details provided.
  • Please respect leaving times on an excursion. We have the right to leave without you if you are more than 15 minutes late without making any communication.
  • In the rare occurrence of a breakdown, we will act as fast possible to get a replacement vehicle sent out. If due to a breakdown or bad road conditions leading to admissions being invalid Dan’s Coach Travel cannot be held liable.
  • Estimated times of arrivals at destinations, or return times from destinations can be given. Please asking when booking your seat.
  • Seats are on a first come, first served basis. We will do our best to meet your requirements.
Upon paying for your seat you will be issued with a ticket. You must bring these tickets on the day for travel. The tickets will state your name, pick up point, time of collection and a contact number for the day, if you have any issues. Upon collecting 4 of the tickets you will be entitled to £5.00 discount of your next COACH FARE when paying (you must have 4 tickets in YOUR NAME AND FOR 4 DIFFERENT TRIPS). Please NOTE DCT will not automatically put the reduction in place unless the 4 tickets have been handed in.
If a family of 4 book (2 adults 2 children or 1 adult 3 children) DCT will not charge you for the COACH FARE for one of the children. Any admissions will still be included in the price. (DISCOUNT ON COACH FARE ONLY)

Private Hire

Payment– Payment is to be discussed when booking the coach. In some cases, new private hire groups may require to pay a £100 deposit to secure the booking. Confirmation will be given once paid. Normal Private hire is payment on the day before the coach leaves the first pick-up point unless it has been agreed with the company otherwise. Invoices are given on the day of the hire to whoever booked the coach or their representative. School private hires will be given on invoice on the day with the agreed time frame of payment.
Drivers Hours
Drivers have certain driving hours which they need to stick to by law. Please do not ask the driver to break these rules as they cannot and will not. If a break is needed the driver will stop in a suitable place for passengers. When enquiring for a coach we can advise you if there will need to be a break needed. If due to unforeseen events resulting in a driver needing a break the company cannot be held responsible if admissions/tickets are missed due to late arrival.
Use of the vehicle on the day
Unless specified when booking the coach. The Coach and Driver may not be available for the hirer when you have reached your destination. If on the day of hire you require to board the coach before it’s departure it’s up to the driver’s discretion to let you back on. The price given is for the travel the hirer specified when booking the coach. Additional journeys on the day can result in an upfront additional cost (if agreed) and at the driver’s discretion. The coach driver will provide a contact telephone number if required for passengers on the day to contact them.
Passenger conduct
The hirer of the coach is responsible to make sure their passengers behave in an orderly manner. The Drivers are in their workplace and are not to be spoken to in an abusive manner (please remember when driving it is illegal to distract the driver) If a passenger is being disruptive the driver may remove them if required and contact the authorities. Greasy food is forbidden on the coach and also Alcohol and smoking is illegal and not permitted on the coach. The driver can refuse to carry on with the trip if alcohol is spotted on the coach or someone smoking. If a passenger is sick on a vehicle due to alcohol then an additional cost will be made of £100. Please note it is not the responsibility of the company to provide sick bags or buckets. Please leave the interior of the coach as clean as you would like to find it. On return to the yard if the vehicle has been left in an unsatisfactory state the company will incur additional cost to hirer. Please ensure you take you rubbish with you.
Breakdowns and delays
When quoting, planned journey times, are recommended in good faith. Dan’s Coach Travel cannot accept responsibility for any loss or inconvenience due to unforeseen road conditions, road accidents or breakdowns leading to the journey being delayed and taking longer that is beyond the company’s control.
Lost Property
All coaches are checked and cleaned on their return to the yard. Any lost property will be held for up to one month before being disposed. Perishables will be disposed after 24 hours. Dan’s Coach Travel accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage to items left on the coach, whilst on private hire or in lost property being held.
Hiring in
Dan’s Coach Travel reserve the right to hire another company’s vehicle to perform private hire or hire another company to perform the booking due to unforeseen events. Dan’s Coach Travel will do their upmost to keep the hirer informed if such a need arises.
No animals are allowed to travel on a Dan’s Coach Travel vehicle. Guide dogs are an exception but the company needs to be informed prior to Private Hire.
Cancellation by the hirer
 Cancellation by the hire within less than 7 WORKING days before the hire can result in Dan’s Coach Travel requiring a fee that can cover the loss of earnings to the driver and a cancellation fee. If the deposit has been paid this will be non-refundable. Any pre-booked expenses that can’t be retrieved i.e. coach parking will be added to final fee. Dan’s Coach Travel understand some circumstances cannot be helped and have discretion in some cases. Please ensure that you contact us as soon as you are aware of the problem so that we may discuss options with you.
Cancellation by Dan’s Coach Travel
If there are condition’s out of Dan’s Coach Travel control and the booking has to be cancelled by ourselves (example strikes, weather etc) then any money pre-paid by the hirer will be refunded or hire can be moved to another day.
Change to a quotation
If a customer wishes to change their quote (additional destination, drop of or change pick up/return times) then Dan’s Coach Travel reserve the right to amend the original quote but this will be discussed with the hirer to meet the new requirements. Any changes please let Dan’s Coach Travel though as soon as possible.
Liability for injury
Seatbelts are provided on all our vehicles for passengers and it is the law for everyone to wear them. Should a passenger be injured through not wearing a seatbelt or not being seated correctly Dan’s Coach Travel cannot be held liable or accepted liability for any injury caused. We operate within the maximum seating capacity of the coach and have no allowances for extra standing passengers. Hirers can be told the seating capacity of the coach when booking a coach.
Limitation of company liability
Except from death or personal injury arising from company negligence, the company liability in respect of any services under the hire shall be limited to the amount of the hire charge. We cannot be liable for any pecuniary or consequential loss allegedly arising from any breach of hire.

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